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In order to survive in Kenshi, you have to be prepared. Bandits will spare no expense as they wander, looking for an easy target. Here we will tell you the basics for getting started in Kenshi.

First Things, FirstПравить

First of all, please notice that this guide presumes that you use the "Wanderer" start.

You will be starting in a random city. In most cities you can find a big round building and if you're lucky there will be a training dummy in there. It's a good idea to train melee attack to 4 or 5 if you have the patience.

Ally, Equipment, and MoneyПравить

-Getting an ally- Find a bar. It will have a sign over the door of a wine glass. Talk to the people inside. There are normally two bars and two individuals in each bar that can be hired to follow you. That leaves you four NPCs to hire in each city, assuming there is two bars. Hirable NPCs that are commonly found are medics, engineers and fighters (at a cost of 2500C) and wanderers (at 700C). The medic has a high "Field Medic" skill (which allows him to use meds very efficiently) and normally "Science" skill (used later for research). The engineer has a high "engineer" skill (used to build and repair structures) and also a high "Labouring" skill (used to during manual labour). The fighter has a higher level of "Melee Attack" and "Melee Defence" (Both increase combat effectiveness). The wanderer has all minimal skill levels. You will need to train your new ally on a training dummy as well.

-Getting equipment- Take your ally for this next part so you can improve both of your athletic skills. Run around the desert till bandits start chasing you. Then, run back to the city so the guards "kill" the bandits (works no longer as of v0.74.32). I say "kill" because the bandits are only unconscious. Some will die but others will stand back up. Loot their bodies, equip what you need, and sell the items. Remember to be quick though.

NOTE: You can join into the fight against the bandits when the guards start landing blows. This will boost your attack skill.

-Making Money- Use the money you got from the sold equipment or what you started with and buy "Building Materials." Then you need to build a stone mine. This will need 3 "Building Materials." Next, you sell stone till you can afford 10 "Building Materials" and build a stone refinery. This is where you can make your own "Building Materials." You can start on a town or just make enough money to get better equipment and focus on fighting or whatever you feel like doing.

NOTE: When building too close to a town, the "placement ghost" of your building will be blue. You should build in a place with travelers, such as travelling merchants, for later in the game. these places normally have a higher amount of bandits though. Be prepared to run for the guards. Also, leave room to build a wall around your town. Building too close to the "blue area" around a town can make this hard.

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